What cannot be seen or felt, but wreck havoc inside our body?

Inflammation has similarities of high blood pressure, no signs, and no symptoms but very harmful. The arteries throughout our body have a lining called endothelium.

A healthy endothelium means the body is getting the nutrients need, arteries are performing as it should, contracting normally.

A damaged endothelium cannot be felt, nor seen but cuts and tears the lining of the arteries, stiffen and loses elasticity. Due to cuts and tears, stuff like cholesterol, LDL, collagen, and muscle cells slip through and lodged themselves between the lining and artery walls. It harm not just in the heart but body-wide.

Arteries are invaded by these foreign invaders, sending other macrophages cells to defend, as its wall is no longer protected. It gets inflamed, snag chunks of fats and clogs the arteries.

A damaged endothelium triggers heart diseases and other chronic problems such as anxiety, cancer, dementia, depression and liver depression. It drains you of your vitality and, destroys the arteries’ lining from the heart, brains and kidney, practically the whole body.

Effects of Inflammation

Inflammation can be caused by infection, autoimmune disease, but inflammation of arteries is the most dangerous. An elevated inflammatory marker caused by health compromising factors, like smoking, poor diet, stress and excess belly fats.

Trans fats “partially hydrogenated” oils are found in processed food such as cookies, baked goods, fast foods. The hydrogenation prolongs shelf-life and improves taste. Reheated oil too creates Trans fatty acids.


Diet means better choices of food that is healthy for you. Eat certain type of food in the mornings, lighter meals towards the evening. Fruits and vegetables are a must.

Exercise a powerful medicine for health. Hearts tend to get more pliable with exercise as it does a better job of filling with blood and sending it through the body. Important to keep moving, to prevent obesity, dementia, heart related diseases.

Cigarettes are doing serious damage to endothelium, as inhalation of toxic smoke, flooded with chemicals causing cuts and tears that gradually hardened arteries losing elasticity.

Cholesterol maintains the HDL cholesterol, it acts as an anti inflammatory, prevents clots, inhibit oxidation, protects the endothelium from LDL which leads to plague.

Nutrients and Minerals

B complex vitamins B6 and B12 are heart health and keeps the artery healthy. Vitamin D with sufficient level is good cardiovascular, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and strokes. Omega-3 Fatty acids are known to have its benefits for the heart.

No man is an island

Emotional coin – laughter benefits the heart, as loneliness brings opposite effect. Indeed, it has been known negative energy in the form of anger, hostility, depression do have an effect on our heart health.

Studies have linked loneliness with higher arterial inflammation and high blood pressure, an increased risk of death from heart diseases than from individuals not isolated from human contact. The lonelier the person is, the higher the blood pressure readings. In conclusion, loneliness can be as bad for the heart as being overweight.

Goals – Laugh Love and Live

Fill the gap in your life with hope. Consciously, attempt to meet people, make new friends, and join some sports activities, even church or voluntary organisations, as social life does provide support and comfort. Human beings created with natural bonding for the company and friend of our fellow men.